American Center Technology Club

The U. S. Consulate General Ho Chi Minh City’s Public Affairs Section (PAS) is pleased to announce available funding for the American Center Ho Chi Minh City’s Technology Club.

All projects must take place during the regular office hours of the American Center from 8:30 a.m.



5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

The American Center is NOT open during weekends and U. S. and Vietnamese holidays.Through this funding opportunity, the U. S. Consulate General aims to provide American Center patrons high quality opportunities to learn and experience new Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs.

Projects should indicate the level of the program (a) beginners with little to no coding knowledge, (b) for medium STEM knowledge, (c) for advanced STEM professionals.Proposals that focus on one or more of the priority STEM and esports programs and target audiences specified below will receive funding.

We will not consider funding proposals for students under age 15:● Esports Club:
Courses or workshops aimed at students and young professionals to prepare soft skills for the esports industry, including but not limited to English language, programming, resilience, risk-taking, patience, perseverance, problem-solving, strategizing, concentration, discipline, leadership, collaboration, critical thinking, pattern recognition, and multi-tasking.

The program will provide training to improve technical skills on streaming and social media content generation, gaming speed enhancement, and career orientation for esports.● Coding and Programming Club:
Courses aimed at students and young professionals on coding and programming languages (Python and/or HTML, CSS, Javascript are preferred) Courses implemented at the American Center’s Makerspace to nurture high school students’ STEM curiosity at an early age to enhance creativity, innovation, and problem solving skills.

The program should equip students with the skills necessary to create prototypes that increase environmental sustainability, innovation, and government accountability.● Digital Innovation:
Courses aimed at high school and college students and young professionals who are interested in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligent (AI), Big Data as well as 3D Assembly Modelling , Immersive Media Ecosystem (Augmented Reality - AR, Virtual Reality - VR), and the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to help participants widen their choices of higher education and STEM-related career opportunities.● Robotics and Astronomy Club:
Courses aimed at high school and college students to learn about robotics concepts and astronomy fields.

Classes should be scheduled at a regular basis and captured with capstone projects to evaluate the impact.

By the end of the course, students are expected to prototype their “robonaults” to enhance astronomical technology.● STEM and Business:
Courses aimed for participants currently working in STEM-related business to introduce fundamentals of enterprise development, supply chain, website performance, data analysis, and digital marketing practices that are essential to creating start-ups.

The program will help build networking and mentorship opportunities for students and young professionals in practicing STEM and entrepreneurial processes.Page 4 of 12Available Technology at the American Center:
If additional technology is required for your club, please specify in the proposal.

The American Center will retain any technology purchased for the use of the club.

Proposals over $15,000 may be considered if the overages are for technology costs only.● Touchscreens● Smart TVs● DVD players● Wifi● 3D printers● Laptops, iMacs, iPads● Video Lab including green screen● Microphones● Cameras, including DSLR● Basic sound systems● Studio lighting● Basic coding kits (Arduino, Raspberry PI 3, Sphero)● Lego Mindstorms● Virtual Reality Oculus Rift● Google Expeditions Student VR Kit
Agency: Department of State

Office: U.S. Mission to Vietnam

Estimated Funding: $15,000

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:

Additional Information of Eligibility:
Submissions are encouraged from U. S. and Vietnamese entities with relevant programming and/or teaching experience.

This experience should be documented in the proposal.

Eligible Page 6 of 12 entities include: ● not-for-profit, civil society/non-governmental organizations ● universities; non-profit educational institutions ● individuals

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HCMC Grants Team

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