Small Business Innovation Research Program Phase I Fiscal Year 2019

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program at the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers competitively awarded grants to qualified small businesses to support high quality research related to important scientific problems and opportunities in agriculture that could lead to significant


public benefits.

The program stimulates technological innovations in the private sector and strengthens the role of federal research and development in support of small businesses.

The SBIR program also fosters and encourages participation by women-owned and socially or economically disadvantaged small businesses
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Small Business Innovation Research

Department of Agriculture

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Small Business Innovation Research Program Phase I Fiscal Year 2019

Additional Information of Eligibility:
Each applicant submitting an application must qualify as a Small Business Concern (SBC) for R/R&D purposes at the time of selection (see definitions in section Part VIII).

Failure to meet an eligibility criterion by the application deadline may result in the application being excluded from consideration or, even though an application may be reviewed, will preclude NIFA from making an award.For those new to Federal financial assistance, a grants overview page is available on the NIFA website.

This page includes information about free Grants 101 Training and other resources that are highly recommended for those seeking an understanding of Federal awards.A potential grantee that is a subsidiary must show that the parent company or parent companies are also a small business entity and the parent company or parent companies must provide documentation supporting their small business status (the documentation should be included in, Other Attachments, of the Research and Related (R&R) Other Project Information form as directed by Part IV of this RFA).

If the parent company or one of the parent companies is a nonprofit organization, then the subsidiary is not eligible to submit an SBIR application.In addition, the primary employment of the Project Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI) must be with the small business concern at the time of award and during the conduct of the proposed research.

Eligible primary employment means that more than one-half (51%) of the PD’s/PI’s time is spent in the employ of the small business during the award period of performance.

Primary employment with the small business precludes the applicant as a full-time employee with another organization or academic institution.

While the PD/PI must work more than one-half (51%) of his/her time for the small business during the entire grant period, there is no time requirement for the PD’s/PI’s work on the proposed research.

Prior Federal Employees must provide documentation that post termination requirements from Federal Service has been completed at time of submission.An SBIR awardee, combined with its affiliates, must not have more than 500 employees.

The small business concern must be the primary performer of the proposed research effort.

In Phase I, a minimum of two-thirds (2/3) of the research or analytical work, as determined by budget expenditures, must be performed by he proposing organization.

For Phase I, the R/R&D work must be performed in the United States.

On rare and unique circumstances, for example, a supply, material or project requirement may not be available in the United States, agencies may allow that particular portion of the R/R&D work to be performed or obtained outside of the United States.

Upon award, the Phase I awardee may request an28exception as described in the award terms and conditions and submit to USDA NIFA for approval.(C) BenchmarkAny company that has received at least 20 Phase I awards, regardless of the awarding agency, during the five-year period (Fiscal Year 2014 through 2019) must have received a minimum of five Phase II awards (25% conversion rate), regardless of the awarding agency, over the same five-year period to be eligible to submit a Phase I application in response to this solicitation.

If a company has not received a SBIR award or has received less than 20 SBIR awards, this benchmark requirement does not apply

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