Community Agriculture Grants

Notice of Funding Opportunity Summary The purpose of this NFO is to encourage and promote conservation planning and conservation practice demonstrations in urban, suburban, and other small-scale type agricultural operations.

Emphasis will be placed on projects that establish new community gardens,


or enhance and expand existing community agriculture projects.

Proposals should seek to:
1. Provide conservation learning experiences to urban, suburban, and Tribal communities.

2. Address concerns regarding food deserts.

3. Advance Tribal food sovereignty.

4. Achieve positive and measurable natural resources conservation outcomes.

For new users of, see Section D.

for information about steps required before submitting an application via

Key Dates Applicants must submit their applications via by 11:59 pm Eastern Time on July 07, 202 3. For technical issues with, contact Applicant Support at 1-800-518-4726 or

Awarding agency staff cannot support applicants regarding accounts.

For inquiries specific to the content of the NFO requirements, contact the federal awarding agency contact (section G of this NFO).

Please limit questions to those regarding specific information contained in this NFO (such as dates, page numbers, clarification of discrepancies, etc.).

Questions related to eligibility or the merits of a specific proposal will not be addressed.

The agency anticipates making selections by September 01, 2023 and expects to execute awards by September 30, 202 3. These dates are estimates and are subject to change.

Federal Funding Floor and Ceiling Amounts The estimated funding floor for this opportunity is $5,000, and the estimated funding ceiling is $250,00 0. The funding floor means the minimum agreement funding amount for the Federal share per agreement awarded.

The ceiling is the maximum agreement funding amount for the Federal share per agreement awarded.

These numbers refer to the total agreement amount, not any specific budget period.

Federal Financial Assistance Training The funding available through this NFO is Federal financial assistance.

Grants 101 Training is highly recommended for those seeking knowledge about Federal financial assistance.

The training is free and available to the public via

It consists of five modules covering each of the following topics:
1) laws, regulations, and guidance; 2) financial assistance mechanisms; 3) uniform guidance administrative requirements; 4) cost principles; and 5) risk management and single audit.

FPAC agencies also apply Federal financial assistance regulations to certain non-assistance awards (e.g., non-assistance cooperative agreements).

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Soil and Water Conservation

Department of Agriculture

Agency: Department of Agriculture

Office: Natural Resources Conservation Service

Estimated Funding: $1,000,000

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
See Related Documents Tab

Additional Information of Eligibility:
State SACs are the only entities eligible to apply for funds under the SJS program.

General applicants must meet the requirements for a SAC as specified in these guidelines.

The applicant SAC must be authorized by state legislation or executive order.

The SAC must be a nonpartisan professional organization, serving all branches of the criminal justice system and all levels of government in the state and the general public.

Objectivity, independence, and visibility are important considerations in determining its placement in the state government.

It is desirable that the SAC not be part of an agency that has line responsibilities in criminal justice programs; if the SAC is located in such an agency (e.g., state police, department of corrections, or administrative office of the courts), special provisions must be made to ensure the SAC’s broad mission, objectivity, independence, and visibility.

These provisions must be documented in each application for funding.

Examples of such provisions are letters of agreement from agencies that deal with other aspects of criminal justice in the state, or a SAC advisory board that includes policy-level officials of such agencies.

The SAC must inform BJS of any substantive changes in these provisions, such as changes in the structure of the advisory board or revisions in the scope of letters of agreement.

Applications for SAC funding must contain an explanation of the placement of the SAC within the state organization structure, including the SAC’s relationship to the governor's office, to other relevant state agencies, and any other organizations included as recipients of funds in the application.

A current list of SAC’s in each state is available at:

The SAC must be staffed by professionals skilled in the application of statistical methods and techniques, including a SAC director whose background includes the education and experience appropriate to the position.

SAC staff should be familiar with the factors, issues, and processes involved in crime and the criminal justice system.

Each application must identify the SAC director and other key personnel and must provide brief summaries of their qualifications.

However, a duplicate qualification summary need not be provided if it was submitted as part of an earlier application.

In the case of vacant positions, job descriptions must be provided.

If the SAC directorship becomes vacant after an award is made, the recipient agency must notify BJS, and submit the position description and required qualifications to be used in recruiting a replacement.

When a replacement is designated, a resume of the individual's qualifications must be submitted to BJS for approval.

It is permissible for some or all of the work to be performed under the SAC’s overall direction by other persons or organizations, such as other state agencies, universities, nonprofit research firms, and private consultants.

If work will be performed outside of the SAC, the application must include the qualifications of those performing the work.

A SAC that wishes to apply for funds in cooperation with another organization but lacks the authority to transfer funds to the cooperating organization should contact its BJS state monitor.

Full Opportunity Web Address:


Agency Email Description:
If you have any questions related to preparing application content.

Agency Email:

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Application Due Date:

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