WIC Grants To States (WGS)

To provide grants to WIC State agencies for Electronic Benefit Transfer projects and pilots to explore the feasibility both technical and financial of providing WIC benefits electronically.

To provide grants to WIC State agencies and Indian Tribal Organizations (ITOs) to fund, implement, and evaluate

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innovative projects that improve WIC serve provision and impact the nutrition and health of WIC participants.
Examples of Funded Projects

EBT Projects: The Wyoming and New Mexico EBT system is operational statewide.

In addition, several other States are proceeding with EBT projects, including Nevada and the Inter Tribal Council of Nevada (ITCN), which launched its EBT pilot in June 2000; New Mexico began its pilot in FY 2003; Texas began its pilot in FY 2004; and Michigan began its pilot in FY 2005; and Kentucky plans to launch it's pilot in FY 09/FY 10.

WIC Special Project Grants: One project currently funded under these grants is testing the effectiveness of motivational interviewing in a WIC clinic setting in North Dakota.

The goal of the project is to study the effectiveness of motivational interviewing in nutrition education, and to determine its impact on nutritional behavioral change among WIC participants in North Dakota.

A second project seeks to strengthen Massachusetts WIC services by utilizing a behavioral approach to connect with the emotions and values of WIC participants, to help families to adopt healthy dietary, parenting, and physical activity behaviors.

A third project is focused on increasing infant breastfeeding among American Indians in Osage County, Oklahoma, as a way of reducing/preventing obesity and diabetes which are highly prevalent in this population.

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