Justice Reinvestment Initiative

The Justice Reinvestment Initiative (JRI) convenes states justice system stakeholders and policy leaders to devise data-driven approaches to criminal justice reform designed to generate cost savings that can be reinvested in high-performing public safety strategies.

Under the JRI model,

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a governmental working group with bipartisan and inter-branch representation analyzes the correctional population and its costs, develops cost-effective policy options, and implements reforms to manage correctional populations while enhancing public safety.

JRI jurisdictions reinvest these cost savings into high-performing initiatives that make communities safer.

In addition to reducing prison populations, justice reinvestment encourages states to embrace a culture of greater collaboration, data-driven decision-making, and increased use of evidence-based practices.

The Justice Reinvestment Race to the Top program (JRR2T) is designed to cement or amplify the goals of states justice reinvestment reform efforts, deepening their inves