Coastal Impact Assistance Program
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e) projects and activities that will alleviate the impact of outer continental shelf activities through the provision of funds to onshore infrastructure projects and public service needs.

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The States who are qualified to apply for this program are those who have a coastal seaward boundary within 200 nautical miles of the geographic center of a leased tract within any area of the Outer Continental Shelf, that is: Alabama, Alaska, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and qualified Coastal Political Subdivisions within these States.

The Coastal Assistance Program intends to disburse funding to eligible states as well as coastal political subdivisions for the primary purpose of conservation, protection, or restoration of coastal areas including wetlands.

The Department of the Interior, the primary agency funding the The Coastal Assistance Program, is the federal government's leading agency responsible for the provision of access to the country's natural and cultural heritage, including our citizen's responsibilities to Indian tribes and island communities.

It it also the agency's mission to protect our country's resources, oversee general recreational opportunities and serve communities.

Coastal Impact Assistance Program
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