Fundraising Planning - A Vital Key to Nonprofit Success
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* Setting priorities, strategies, and goals: New opportunities present themselves all the time, if you are open to receiving them. But which opportunities should you pursue? When you have a clear mission and a plan, the answer becomes clear. By following the plan, you know where your efforts are most needed at any given time, and you can turn down distractions that don't further your defined goals.

* Increasing board involvement: I always hear nonprofit staff complaining about either their un-involved board members or board members who meddle too much without knowing what they're doing, and yet they don't create opportunities for the board to be constructively involved. Asking your board to be a part of the development planning process will both motivate them and educate them at the same time.

* Integrating fund development with other program activities & plans: If you're lucky enough to have staff who work on fund development full-time, you're also risking a disconnect between program people and fundraisers. The result is an annual event that's held the same week as the busiest part of the program staff's season. Written plans that are shared by all staff help to avoid such conflicts and encourage a working team environment.

* Most productive use of team's time: The bottom line is that by being organized, and having clarity as to what is expected of every team member, all your activities will be more efficient.

So what's holding you back? Put your team together and start planning for success today!

About The Author

Ken Goldstein is a grant writer and consultant working and living in Silicon Valley. Since 1989 he has been an executive director, a board member, volunteer, and consultant to nonprofits. His education includes a BA in Politics from UC Santa Cruz and a Master of Public Policy and Administration from CSU Sacramento. Goldstein Consulting can be found at Ken is also the author of "Introduction to Fund Development Planning" - Please see for more information.

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Fundraising Planning - A Vital Key to Nonprofit Success
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