Grants for Woman Head of Households
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By downloading a grant application package, you can view it offline, giving you the flexibility to complete the application when and where you want.


Who is eligible for a grant?

Usually grants awarded by the US government are only for U.S. citizens. Aside from those criteria, each grant has its own set of eligibility rules. Some only cater to undergraduates, some only to juniors or sophomores, some only for Native Americans some only for Alaskans, and yet another some that target the course rather than the origin of the applicant. For example, there are a lot of grants that offer scholarships for outstanding students who are studying the sciences or tribal politics of Native Americans.

Why apply for a grant?

As a single female parent, furthering your education is one of the sure fire ways to find a living where you can earn more than minimum wage, sure minimum wage is ok if you’re single but if you have a child or children, it’ll be a lot harder to find time both for work and for childcare.

How to prepare for a grant application

1. Get the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance from the financial aid office of your college or university. You can also get the list from

2. Study the grants that are applicable to you, not just the eligibility but also the application process and the purpose of the grant as well as the Government department giving it.

3. Ask yourself where are you going to apply? Does your application have to go through the school, does it have to go through the local government or can you send it directly?

4. These projects usually have assessment pages where they show previously or currently funded individuals or institutions, study these to find out your chances of getting the grant.

5. Know what types of paperwork are required note down everything you already have and everything that you still have to get.

6. Call the contact persons and ask to get an application kit.

7. After filling the kit don’t forget to include your grant proposal; most of the judgment is based on this piece of writing. It’ll help a lot if you attend or at least have read previous grant proposals.

8. Make sure to have the application in before the deadline.

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Grants for Woman Head of Households
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