Coastal and Marine Habitat Conservation Activity

The objective of this activity is to improve human wellbeing and reduce the threats to biodiversity by improving agriculture and fishing practices in coastal and marine environments of Haiti.

The proposed target area of intervention should be in or near a gazetted Marine Protected Area in the
Sud, Nippes, Grand-Anse, Sud-Est and Nord-Ouest departments of Haiti.

More specifically, the activity should aim to: Reduce the underlying threats to coastal and marine resources by identifying and supporting agriculture, pisciculture and fishing opportunities of local stakeholders that have positive effects on coastal and marine ecosystems; Enhance the resilience of coastal communities to mitigate, adapt to and recover from shocks and stresses in a manner that reduces chronic vulnerability; Conserve flora and fauna in select marine protected areas by strengthening governance structures that have the ability to adaptively manage protected areas and ensure long-term conservation; and Ensure long-term conservation impact by improving stakeholder knowledge of and capacity to implement sustainable natural resource management strategies.

Questions regarding the application process, including questions related to the guidance,regulations and provisions, the Technical and Cost Application instructions should be directed to; and by July 02, 2020.

All required information found in the instructions section of this RFA, the Technical and Cost Application must be submitted no later than August 06, 2020, 1:00 P.M.

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Agency for International Development

Agency: Agency for International Development

Office: Haiti USAID-Port Au Prince

Estimated Funding: $500,000

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
NSF Publication 20-583

Additional Information of Eligibility:
Eligibility for this RFA is restricted to non-profit, non-governmental organizations and private institutions of higher education based in Haiti that meet the criteria of a local entity in ADS 303, and that have not received more than $5 million in the last five (5) years from USAID, as a prime or subcontractor/recipient.

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