Expanding Partnerships and Disseminating HIV Prevention Materials to Reduce HIV and other STDs among Adolescents through National Non-Governmental Organizations

The purpose of this FOA is to support efforts to increase communication and dissemination of CDC-developed approaches to school-based programs for creating healthier adolescents (individuals in the 10-19 years age group) with reduced HIV infection and other STDs.

Under other funding, CDC works


with state and local education agencies to build the capacity of secondary schools to implement exemplary sexual health education (ESHE) programs; increase student access to sexual health services (SHS) including HIV and STD testing; create safe and supportive environments (SSE) for all students, particularly those at greatest risk for HIV infection and other STDs; and to educate decision makers on related policies (POLICY).

This effort would allow for CDC to partner with national organizations that have a broader public health reach beyond the school setting for disseminating adolescent HIV, other STDs and unintended pregnancy prevention tools and materials.

The expectation is that CDC funding will leverage partner resources to reach more adolescents in schools with needed information and services to prevent HIV, other STDs, and teen pregnancy.

The FOA will support CDC and collaboration between national public health and public education partners with a resource center to advance HIV and STD prevention among adolescents.

Funded organization(s) will conduct activities under one and/or two of these strategies:
1. Create national partnerships that have a vested interest in promoting efforts to reduce HIV, STDs, and unintended pregnancy as well as reduce behaviors that contribute to health risks among our Nation's adolescents (10-19-years old).

2. Adapt and disseminate CDC-developed school-based HIV prevention guidance and other materials that reflect CDC's approach to school-based programs to entities that have a vested interest in preventing HIV infection and other STDs among our Nation's adolescents, including those in schools and those in non-traditional school settings.
Agency: Centers for Disease Control - NCHHSTP


Estimated Funding: $4,000,000

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
A webpage on the CDFI Fund's website with all the relevant details.

Additional Information of Eligibility:
National non-governmental organizations (NGO) include those that represent constituencies (e.g., members, networks, affiliates and/or chapters) within twenty-five (25) or more states with the greatest potential to affect national initiatives facilitated by FOA PS13-1308 awarded state and local education agencies.

An NGO must have a specific charge from its Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, or a resolution from its executive board or governing body to operate nationally within the United States.

Eligible NGO applicants must already have the systems in place to transmit the knowledge, skills, expertise, and attitudes that influence adolescent behavior on a national scope.

They must have a constituency base that is national in scope and that includes, or has the ability to include, the various education agencies targeted.

Finally, they must have extensive experience in adolescent health and HIV/STD prevention, and successful collaborations with state and local education and health agencies.

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