Organizational Interest and Capacity Questionnaire

The Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (NEA) seeks to identify a broad cadre of potential implementing organizations through an Organizational Interest and Capacity Questionnaire, which will be used to identify pre-selected partners for future funding opportunities.

Contingent upon the availability

of funds, successful applicants (those identified as pre-selected partners) may receive invitations to submit full applications for select future funding opportunities over a period of four years.

NEA invites organizations that wish to be considered as pre-identified partners to complete a web-based questionnaire and submit Statements of Interest through this Questionnaire.

Interested applicants should read the full announcement for details on how to submit a Statement of Interest to this announcement.

The Questionnaire is only one part of what is required from an applicant to this announcement.The Questionnaire will provide information about each applicant's organizational mission and activities, functional and technical expertise, country experience, organizational approach/methodology, experience working with nongovernmental, governmental, and/or private sector partners in the MENA region, and relevant accomplishments.

Please note that completion of the questionnaire does not guarantee that an organization will be found eligible for pre-selection status.

Specifically, the Questionnaire seeks to assess each applicant's experience and/or capacity in developing and supporting one or more of the following areas in the Middle East and North Africa:* Legal systems that protect the rights of all individuals* Civic cultures that support democratic values and the active participation of all individuals in social and political life* Media institutions that defend the public interest* Legal and regulatory frameworks that enable participation* Political processes and institutions that encourage effective participation* Civil society organizations' (CSOs) effective advocacy* Economic reform and workforce development * Educational reform and service learning* Local coalitions and partnerships* Alumni networks and activities.

U.S.- based applicants must submit their Statement of Interest via

Foreign-based applicants may submit their applications via or via email.

More inforamtion on submitting an application is outlined in the announcement.
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