Downpayment Assistance Program for First Time Homebuyers in Connecticut
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With this, the CHFA is offering the Downpayment Assistance program in order to help address this concern. The program can be used in conjunction several other homebuyer program offered by the CHFA.

The minimum amount of that can be provided by the program is $3,000 while the maximum is 25% of the actual price of the property in focus.

In order to qualify for the program, a borrower must satisfy the eligibility requirements set by the CHFA:

1) Must be a First time homebuyer (someone who has not occupied or owned a home for last three years

2) Must be a homebuyer (aside from first time homebuyers) who is planning to acquire a home in a targeted area

3) Must be a homebuyer whose income does not exceed the limits set by CHFA

4) Must be a homebuyer who has a good credit rating and credit history

5) Must be a homebuyers with a stable job and sufficient income that would cover long-term mortgage payments

6) Must be a homebuyer who can afford to pay the $200 program application fee

7) Must be a homebuyer who is willing to participate in a free 3-hour homebuyer education class before closing on the loan.

If you wish to read more about the Downpayment Assistance Program, you can visit the CHFA's official website, send an email to the CHFA's single family underwriting department, or contact the CHFA head office.

Downpayment Assistance Program for First Time Homebuyers in Connecticut
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