Funding Opportunity Announcement: Developing Sustainable Healthy Behaviors in Children and Adolescents
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The FOA is designed to encourage the use of Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Awards in employing innovative research studies that would help in determining mechanisms that could promote and influence positive sustainable health behaviors in children and in adolescents, from birth to 18 years old.

The Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Award is comprised of a maximum budget of $275,000, which can then fund a two-year(maximum) research study.

Institutions who wish to submit their applications and research proposals can do so until September 8, 2014 at the website.

Institutions or organizations will be eligible to apply as long as they are any of the following: a) Higher Education Institutions, either public/state controlled or private b) Profit and Nonprofit organizations such as small businesses c) local governments with the US and its territories and possessions d) independent school districts e) Public Housing Authorities/Indian Housing Authorities f) Native American Tribal Organizations (other than Federally recognized tribal governments) g) Faith-based or Community-based Organizations h) Regional Organizations

The Department of Health and Human Services, the branch of the government where the National Institutes of Health is under, is the premier provider of essential human services in the US, especially to those citizens who are financially challenged and are least capable of helping themselves.

Which is why the Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Award is essential in keeping up with the NIH's mission, which is to obtain further knowledge that would help in the timely prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of various diseases and disabilities.

Funding Opportunity Announcement: Developing Sustainable Healthy Behaviors in Children and Adolescents
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